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Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-minute Coach Session (€ 137 value)
that will help you adapt your training and re-focus. You'll be getting a fully personalised training plan designed to get you through these hard times.

Exclusively For Marathon & Ultra Marathon Runners

Dear Runner,
Thank you...
Your registration means a lot to me.
You are now part of a dedicated, happy and Personal Best-crushing running community.
Welcome to Team Runners Inc.!
My name is Jeroen Renes. I am head coach and founder of Runners Inc.
And let me tell you this...
I am going to do everything within my power to make your 2020 race season a success.
The Corona-virus is real. Very real.
But my passion for running is VERY real too.
Pushing myself...
Keeping me fit, healthy and sane...
Setting ambitious goals (that make others look funny at me, or -even better- say that I am completely nuts!).
In other words: running makes me enjoy life and living it to it's fullest!
And no virus is going to stop that.
Not now.
Not ever.
You know what's the best part of all this?
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In these uncertain times I want to do something. Take action.
Not just sit around and see runners throw away their race season.
Losing their ambition...
Finding it difficult to get out the door, off the couch even...
Focusing their energy on all the NEGATIVE that is out there...
Again, the Corona-virus is real and there's a lot of uncertainty.
Nobody really knows what is going to happen and when this all will come to an end.
But what is certain...
A 100%.
You'll be allowed to train outside again.
Work-family-life balance will be restored.
Races will start again.
What I need you to do, is BE READY when that day comes!
When 2020 race season starts again (and it will!), you need to be ready to toe the starting line.
Not having become this lazy, fat, highly demotivated 'I-had-no-race-in-my-calendar' type runner.
You'll then need another 4 - 6 months to build up.
And by then, 2020 will be over.
Finito, the end, over & out, done and dusted.
You see, I work with over 283 runners in 28 different countries and I want to share that experience with you. Help you beat this beast that is threatening our lives, economies and passion.
Here's how...
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The exclusive series "Stop The Corona Virus From Destroying Your 2020 Race Season - And How To Be Ready When Race Season Kicks Off Again" will have you ready when race day comes.
The next weeks you'll learn how to (re)structure your training regime, receive nutritional guidelines that will prevent you from falling into the 'eating & drinking trap' and discover how to stay focused and motivated, even without a race in your calendar.
And: it's free [wink, wink]
That's not all...
There's more...
As part of you joining Team Runners Inc. I am offering you the possibility to schedule a free of charge -no obligation- coach call with me.
I'll zoom in on your specific situation: training background, training options you have (quarantine yes/no) and future race goals.
This is where I will dig deep to understand the best way to support you.

After this call, you'll be getting your personal free 4-week training plan to get you through these harsh times.

WARNING Before you claim your free coach session you must understand that this is only for marathon and ultra runners that are serious about being their best when race day comes.
I’ll share even more tips and strategies with you, but I need your commitment and dedication. If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste your and my time.

But if you are ready to kick start your training and preparation -for life after the Corona virus- and you're eager to kick some virus-butt, then book you FREE coach session now.
Now, let's get busy.
Stay healthy and be safe,

PS: I recommend you book quickly. I only have a limited number of slots available for free sessions each month and there’re filling up fast.


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