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Training Plans Available for 50 km, 70 km and 100 miles

Dear Trail Runner,
The fact that you're reading this page
suggests that you registered
or plan to register for a trail race.
This is a big step.
Dreaming about your future race.
Setting personal goals. 
My name is Jeroen Renes and we share the same passion.
Running and challenging ourselves (where others stop).
Enjoying the Great Outdoors:
The smell of the forest during an early morning run…
Enjoying nature’s beauty: birds, deer and other wild life…
Exploring the trails..
Roaming through the mountains and hills…
People may say we’re crazy…
But we push on.
Train harder.
Have more fun!
I am Founder and Coach of Runners Inc.
And let me tell you this...
I want to do everything within my power
to make your next Trail Race a HUGE success.
Whether this is your first trail race,
or if you are chasing a new Personal Best.
First things first:
Let me share my personal running background with you:
It all started with mountaineering.
I climbed the highest peaks in the Alps.
To keep fit for my mountain expeditions, I started running.
Back then, the term ‘trail running’ didn’t exist…
Nothing spectacular, I was completely focussed on climbing mountains:
Improving my technique for glacier and snow field crossings.
Finding new and challenging routes to lonely peaks.
In 2005 I registered for my first marathon in Switzerland.
A perfect combination of mountains and running!
A lot has changed since that day…
Running became my passion.
The past decade I ran thousands of kilometres,
7 days per week, often twice a day.
Adding up to 210+ km per week.
I participated and won races all over the planet.
Road and Trail Ultra Marathons.
I am a National 24h Ultra Marathon Champion, 
won dozens of (ultra) marathons,
got injured and learned a lot about training smart and racing hard.
I exceeded my wildest running hopes and dreams!
All while working a full-time job and being a father and husband...
The past 15 years taught me a lot about
how to be my best on race day.
You want to know something?
I have trained and coached runners for trail marathons and ultra marathons all over the planet:
I want to share this hard-earned knowledge with you.
Make your Trail Race a success.
If you’re ready to discover
the secrets of running a trail race
then keep reading.



"Thanks again for your ongoing support and encouragement as Makiko and I trained for the 60km Golden Ultra event in British Columbia. We truly enjoyed using the 14 week, 50km Trail Ultra Marathon Training Plan geared for novices. The plan was clear, realistic, and suited our busy lifestyles. This was a big jump in our trail running experience because up to this point the longest trail race we’d completed had been 25km. I must say, during the whole race we both felt great, I thought I would be exhausted at the finish but I can honestly say we still had fuel left in the tank if we needed to go further. We did not expect that! 
Makiko and I are totally inspired to continue our Ultra pursuits and will be purchasing several more of your plans for future races."
Bruce and Makiko, Golden Ultra 60 km, British Columbia
"I’m looking for my limits, Hungary trail 84K was a great adventure, it was amazing! But it wasn't my limit! Maybe 100K?"
Luuk, Ultra Trail Hungary 84 km, Hungary
“In terms of preparation, I am very grateful to Runners Inc. It turned out that their different view on the 80/20 principle (80% in the second zone) was beneficial. They made an excellent program and I was prepared for the race. Jeroen’s instruction to run uphills and not to be tempted to walk like other runners, pushed me to run a little harder."
Alexey, Sätila Trail” 82 km, Sweden

Claim Your 12-Week Trail Training Plan To Discover

The Step-By-Step Training Regime Skyrocketing Your Confidence and

Run Beyond What You Thought Possible


Plans available for 50 km, 70 km and 100 miles

Let me ask you some personal questions...
And be honest with me...
Do you wonder how to train for a trail ultra?
Do you want to learn how to pace yourself during a trail race?
What running gear to wear?
How to practise uphill and downhill running?
How bad do you want to... 
Start your race feeling confident.
Cross that finish line, hands in the air,
screaming with joy (and maybe some happy tears..)
Knowing you gave it your all
that all the hard work paid off?
If you’re interested in any of those scenarios…
Then this is important.
Here’s why:
I want to share with you
what I believe to be
the Ultimate Trail Training Plan
for Your Sensational Finish.
The Ultimate Trail Training Plan:
It has proven to be successful in 100+ trail races…
In distances from 50 km to 250 km…
This training plan created winners...
Secures a worry and injury-free preparation…
Builds endurance and speed beyond what you think is possible!
While others will be struggling on the uphill, you’ll be pushing on.
Feeling strong and overtaking other runners.
Runners will wonder how strong you’re running:
all smiles when you cross that finish line.
Claim Your Trail Training Plan Now.
To your successful finish,
Runners Inc.
Ps: Available Plans include 50 km, 70 km and 100 miles. Check out the options here.
Pps: Training the mind is a critical element in your plan. Trail running is 90% mental. The other half is physical… Races are won and lost in a runner’s mind.
“I started trail running in 2018 and, getting older fast, I wanted to maximise my improvement, avoid injury and keep motivated, so I thought a coach would be a good bet.
Jeroen has listened, focused on goals, offered wise advice on our training plan, nutrition and race day tactics, so that my running has improved beyond all my expectations.
Now I've well and truly got the ultra trail bug and can't wait to work towards more mountain summits with such a great coach."

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