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Expertise - Plans & coaching offered by 24h national ultra marathon champion Jeroen Renes and his team. We use scientifically proven tools like the Performance Management Chart and Training Stress Score to help make well informed decisions.


Training Plan - Enjoy the comfort of a detailed plan in your training calendar. Stay on track, motivated and keep improving. A large variety of training types will keep it interesting too. Access your plan online or via the mobile app.


Training calendar - Structure your training and receive daily workouts via e-mail. Record your training using your sports device, auto sync your training data with your training calendar and see the results instantly.


Training zones - Understanding training intensity: easy runs often become too hard and hard ones too easy. Your personal zones help you understand and commit to what you're supposed to do.


Training feedback - Structure your training and keep improving yourself. Based on training data, not just 'gut feeling'. Together we measure your progress over time.


Coaching - Find peace of mind and have a coach by your side. Stay motivated. We'll keep you on track. Ask all your questions: race strategy, nutrition, injury prevention, stretching: anything!


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50 km Trail

Prior to using this training plan, you should be able to:
>Train 3-4 times per week
>Run 55 km (34 miles) weekly total
>Run an Easy Long Run of 30 km (19 miles)

70 km Trail

Prior to using this training plan, you should be able to:
>Train 4 times per week
>Run 80 km (50 miles) weekly total
>Run an Easy Long Run of 35 km (22 miles)

100 miles Trail

Prior to using this training plan, you should be able to:
>Train 5-6 times per week
>Run 120 km (75 miles) weekly total
>Run an Easy Long Run of 40 km (25 miles)
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