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Our passion

Without ever having met, we know we share the same passion.

Balancing your running ambitions with your work and personal life is challenging. Our passion is helping you achieve your running goals and dreams, by offering our expert advice and experience.

Our team

Credibility is one of our key values. Driving (ultra) force behind our team is Jeroen Renes.​

As an athlete, Jeroen is a former Dutch 24h National Champion. He competes in Ultra Marathons across the globe, including Spartathlon (placed 7th) the IAU World Championships in Qatar and winning several Ultra (Trail) Marathons. Read his full bio here.

Expert advice

The video below features Jeroen in prepratation for the Spartahlon (Ultra Marathon covering 246 km in Greece). Interview starts 11:42, in Dutch.

Tap into our wealth of running experience and you'll be amazed by what you will accomplish! Promised.


We have teamed up with TrainingPeaks to make our Training Plans and Coaching Services available worldwide. We're are experts in running, they are experts in offering one integrated web, mobile and desktop solution for setting goals, tracking progress and getting feedback from your coach (that's us!).

You'll train smarter not just harder. Log your workouts, plan your season, analyze your heart rate, pace, distance and other data.

We'll make analysis-informed training decisions and measure your progress over time using scientific tools like TSS, the Performance Management Chart, and more.

Record your workouts from over 100 compatible devices and apps into the web-based calendar. 

Below video features athletes that use TrainingPeaks to help them reach their goals.